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Tea Party Videos

There are a lot of videos here and not all of them can be considered pure Tea Party. Some channels tend to be very libertarian while some are moderate neo-con, but they are all conservative. There is also a great deal of variety in terms of the channels’ timeliness and how the material is presented; some channels focus on timeless fundamentals and some focus on the news of the day. Some of the videos are relatively simpleminded while others are extremely scholarly and cover material that is quite complex. Some of the videos are hilarious and some are quite depressing. I enjoy the variety and I would rather include too many than too few.

Many of these channels have hundreds of videos on YouTube so I urge you to go over to YouTube and explore the channels you like best. , To see what is available in a channel on YouTube.com just click on the name of the channel. The name of the channel is under the video, just above the red “Subscribe” button. Once you are on the channel’s home page click “Videos” to see thumbnails of all the available videos.