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Whistleblower alleges voter fraud extends into Dallas County elections office

DALLAS – The Dallas County District Attorney’s Office has secret audio recordings in which a campaign worker claims he pays off someone inside the county elections to find out when mail-in ballots get sent out. Sidney Williams, 33, made...

AWESOME! Tucker Carlson Backs Jorge Ramos Into A FACTS Corner During Edgy Debate On Illegal Immigration [VIDEO]

Before I get into this, I just want to state for the record that Jorge Ramos is a bigoted, racist, Marxist putz. I feel much better now. Tucker Carlson shares

LIMBAUGH: Trump Is ‘TROLLING’ Democrat HATERS Into Literal Insanity! [LISTEN]

Rush Limbaugh may be exactly right here. He believes that Trump is trolling Dems and the media… that he wants to drive them literally insane. I’m quite sure that point