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Elizabeth Warren In Full Panic Mode After Navy SEAL Announces Plan For Her

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(Angry Patriot) – Dear Elizabeth Warren, do not get too comfortable nestled in our capital, because your seat is no longer safe!

Former Navy SEAL Gabriel Gomez is planning to run against Elizabeth Warren in 2018. Gomez believes there is a clear path to victory. (via Cohasset)

Elizabeth Warren, a former law school professor, is the most incompetent politician to disgrace the halls of our great nation. You know what they say, patriots: “Those who cannot do, teach.” Maybe Elizabeth Warren should take that principle to heart and leave our capital.

Warren is a perfect reflection of the swamp where she resides. Her backward beliefs are largely based on BIG government, which means more business-killing regulations–the last thing our nation needs.

It is very sad that Elizabeth Warren thinks she has a chance at the presidency. It is almost comical. Does she really think she can capture our votes, patriots? She looks down on us hardworking Americans because she has never had to work. She even lied about being a native American. Disgraceful!

This Socialist disgrace needs to be removed, and Mr. Gomez is the man for the job. We need more veterans in our government, because they understand what needs to be done to keep our nation safe.

Professor Warren’s entire philosophy is grounded in Socialism. She would rather see the government run every part of our life. She does not understand the private sector. She is so detached from the average American.

We need to encourage Mr. Gomez to run against her. We need to put Warren on notice that she is no longer safe collecting our hard-earned dollars.

The mainstream media will surely try to find some dirt on Mr. Gomez, but we need to support this man. If you have any family in Massachusetts, encourage them to support Mr. Gomez.

If we could remove Elizabeth Warren from office, the Democrats would be crippled. They wouldn’t even know what to do with themselves. It would take them years to recover from such a loss.

The Democrats and the mainstream media will stand behind Warren, especially now that Hillary Clinton has failed them. The Democrats do not care about running a competent candidate. They care more about putting forth the first female president.

Democrats do not have cognizable policy goals. The only policy that the Democrats have is “diversity,” but that single policy is not enough to make America great again. Thankfully, we have Donald Trump to protect us from these heartless Democrats.


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