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BREAKING: New Evidence Released, Obama Is Panicking & Hiding On a Yacht

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(Angry Patriot) – Former President Obama has retreated back to French Polynesia after briefly showing his face in Scotland to line his pockets.

The former president is panicking after a federal judge agreed to reopen the investigation into the IRS. Obama was able to illegally discriminate against conservative groups through Lois Lerner, the former director of the Exempt Organization Unit. (via WND)

The Obama administration received intense scrutiny after it was revealed that the IRS was intentionally discriminating against conservative groups which opposed the Obama administration.

IRS employees developed a “be on the lookout” list of conservative groups they would target.

The conservative groups, often associated with the Tea Party movement, were intentionally delayed or outright denied tax exempt status. Some groups are still waiting for approval, seven years later.

The IRS not only targeted conservative groups, but they also asked invasive and unnecessary questions. They asked applicants the contents of their prayers, and demanded that the groups promise to stop objecting to Planned Parenthood.

Republicans were further outraged when Obama’s Justice Department decided not to pursue criminal charges. Even the inspector general of the IRS concluded that conservative groups were targeted.

Now, a federal judge from Washington D.C. has agreed to make the record of the IRS public, allowing the conservative groups to finally get some answers as to why they were denied or delayed tax exempt status.

Lois Lerner was never brought to trial, and she refused to testify before congress. She was allowed to retire with a cushy government pension paid for by our tax dollars. Lerner was doing the bidding of Obama and was offered his protection as a result.

However, after seven years without a serious investigation, Republican lawmakers are calling for President Trump’s Justice Department to bring formal charges against Lerner and reopen the investigation into the IRS. Obama still refuses to return to the United States.

Obama remains in French Polynesia, where he is safe from extradition back to the United States.

The IRS targeting scandal is just one of many investigations that are being reopened in the crimes of the Obama administration, and Obama is remaining at large out of fear of being forced to testify– or worse.


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