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Americans Get REVENGE After ‘Muslim Police Force’ Takes Over Town

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(Angry Patriot) – Once again, Sharia Law is coming to a neighborhood near you, patriots. Are you ready for the nightmare to end?

We now have Muslim police in our country. A self-proclaimed Muslim enforcer is being monitored by local police in Georgia’s Cedar-Riverside community. Locals complained after seeing a young Muslim, Abdullah Rashid, patrolling neighborhoods trying to enforce “the civil part of Sharia law.” (via Star Tribune)

We must remember: the so-called “civil” part of Sharia law involves enforcing strict Muslim behavior, such as forcibly covering women and banning them from driving. Rashid is a native Georgian, and he’s apparently part of a radical group known as the “General Presidency of the Religious Affairs and Welfare of the Ummah.” What a mouthful!

We should all be VERY concerned by the rapid spread of Sharia Law. This practice is starting to overtake our nation. Thankfully, other Georgians decided to strike back. Local Muslim groups tried to distance themselves from this man and his friends, but we can’t believe members of a religion that encourage its followers to lie to non-Muslims.

The most troubling part of this story is that the man is a native-born Georgian. That means locals are being radicalized by the massive influx of Muslim refugees and immigrants. This is a troubling trend, and it’s one that needs to be dealt with appropriately.

We are a nation governed by our constitution, and our laws are enforced by police. We don’t want a Muslim thug enforcing Sharia law. We want police enforcing our laws.

We don’t know how many of these types of enforcers there are out there, but we can only speculate. It’s likely we will continue to see a rise in Sharia Law enforcement.

At least we have Donald Trump to push back against these radical extremists. We need to strengthen our borders and increase vetting. We can’t listen to the lies of the mainstream media.

The mainstream media ignores these stories. The reason is obvious: they want to protect their globalist interests. Every time a new round of migrants enters our country, the globalists win and we lose.

We’re told if you don’t accept Islam, you’re “Islamophobic,” and a hate-monger. That couldn’t be further from the truth. We are a nation of rational and patriotic people. We cannot allow radicals to overtake our government.

Is it Islamophobia to be concerned about a religion that’s inspired more bloodshed in the modern era than any other group of people on Earth? It seems like every day there’s a new horrific story in the news about radical Islamic terrorists blowing themselves, or innocents, up.

Thankfully, Donald Trump is attacking ISIS and other groups that spread lies and deception about their so-called “religion of peace.” Christians and Jews are constantly under attack by radical Islam, and now our neighborhoods are being influenced by Sharia law. We can only hope that the police put an end to this nightmare.


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